A hungry post

My love,

I saw you the other night at the bar
You look happy and naïve
I don’t remember when you became a memory
I don’t know where you found the time to destroy your mirror truth
I was always too busy for all that staff
You look so ugly and not mine
You said you will always be mine
But I am against the idea of property
So I chose to hate you
Next time we will be 80 years old
I will be taller
You will have a name


Lemon + Cinnamon

                                                          cLICK IT! 


Sunday Lists

When it’s Sunday and you look at old photos.
A forgotten summer
A hidden memory
A shirt that used to be your favorite
The love that proved not to be the one of your life
Things that you were sure about
Knowledge you thought you had
Friends that disappeared
Those that are still here
And new that came
The second love of your life
The most incredible beach
Words that you used the most
and then you lost
Changes and steps
Shoes and mirrors
Travels and mushrooms
Happiness and different meanings
A bus, a plane, a ship
12 hours on boat
Seemed endless, seem as never happened
A fish
A hundred of plans
Names and songs
A nice surprise
And a real cake
A cup of coffee with the best cigarette
You feel old
When you realize the young you were


The C word

Riding this cloud every day, I wear my crown, I am a clown and you are my crowd.