See Emily swim

Dance Sara dance dance and swim and play and see. I miss you like a snake misses his friend. Like a blanket misses the revolutionary nightmares. Its you that tomorrow will tell me the end of the film. And I will smoke. 
I can hear your lemon eyes


My smoke, your smoke

In a few minutes we are going to destroy this city with our magic cigarettes

Our smoke in their faces 

 Space Blanket - Undercover Genious CLICK IT!


In search of title:

I need to kill my imaginary message receiver.

                                                                                                              Or be poetic.


this is not a love letter, it is a bomb from the outer space

bLue foundation - bonfires  (cLICK IT!)

Yes, I have to admit that your tenderness makes my weaknesses fade away.
Your music makes my night better.
In your smile I hide my fears.
In your eyes I can become romantic and feel no guilt about that.
The reenactment of your image can kill my most difficult nights.
I am turning into a girl while you remind me of my male motives.
In that cold level of understanding my hermaphrodite identity, you give me soup and bring me to bed.
Why don’t you stay?
Let’s dance and forget our failures.
Let’s swim naked and draw a line in the skies.
My notebook is still empty.
My thoughts are turning red.
Is it blood or wine?
Let’s clean that mess.
Let’s buy a pet.
Don’t pay attention,
The fish in the bowl still tries to remember why we are here.

What’s the name of the feeling that always makes me run away?       


Your sweetest smile and your sweetest words
Keep them for your sleuths

I am more than this
Give me some violent thoughts
and I can make you happy

I will follow you to the hottest beach
I will put oil in your old motorcar
I will share with you my yoga mat
I will grow in my garden the most beautiful speech
I will raise your children

In that moment of death
when you always lie your body
I promise not to keep you alive

In that hectic, demanding sphere
My silence will be your only shelter

Just give me your violent smile



Gonjasufi - Skin   click it

όταν μου λείπεις σε συγχωρώ,
η απόσταση σε αθωώνει

Θέλω να γίνω βίαιος, να επιτεθώ  σε ό,τι με πληγώνει.
Το αύριο, όμως, είναι πάντα πιο κοντά απ' ό,τι είναι το τώρα.

"Two years ago

Who would have known

That I could be so famous

Don't kill me without love
I'm filthy!
Forgive me cause I'm..
I'm filthy in this life...
In my skin, in my skin
Forget me! 
Kill me, kill me, kill me!"