this is not a love letter, it is a bomb from the outer space

bLue foundation - bonfires  (cLICK IT!)

Yes, I have to admit that your tenderness makes my weaknesses fade away.
Your music makes my night better.
In your smile I hide my fears.
In your eyes I can become romantic and feel no guilt about that.
The reenactment of your image can kill my most difficult nights.
I am turning into a girl while you remind me of my male motives.
In that cold level of understanding my hermaphrodite identity, you give me soup and bring me to bed.
Why don’t you stay?
Let’s dance and forget our failures.
Let’s swim naked and draw a line in the skies.
My notebook is still empty.
My thoughts are turning red.
Is it blood or wine?
Let’s clean that mess.
Let’s buy a pet.
Don’t pay attention,
The fish in the bowl still tries to remember why we are here.

What’s the name of the feeling that always makes me run away?       

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your smoke in my face